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Sliding Door - OPK Folding Door Hanging & Sliding Roller
Product Features: 

  • Main material : premium bearing,alloy,steel,nylon
  • Finish: Nickel,Satin Nickel
  • Type : CN12225A - weight capacity ;100kg/door
                    CN12224A - weight capacity ; 200kg/door

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Sliding Door - OPK CFA-171 Wood Door Hanging & Sliding Roller
Product Features:

  • Main material : Premium bearing,alloy,steel,nylon
  • Finish: Stain nickel,Nikel
  • Weight capacity : 80kgs/Door
  • Type: OCN200 - Wooden Door without soft-close
                  OCN210 - Wooden Door with 1-way

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Ocean 4 Hanging Roller with Soft-Close Damper

Sliding Door - OPK Ocean 4 Hanging Roller with Soft-Close Damper
Product Features:

  • Door up & down adjusting device: no need to unload door,but just use cross screwdriver to adjust door up & down.
  • Smooth,steady and silent movement;Damping function exists while door opening and door closing.
  • Brush: Cleaning dirt and debris in the track.

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Combined Folding Door

Sliding Door - OPK Combined Folding Door
Product Features:

  • Combined folding: Novel structure and beautiful appearance;Two doors or multi folding doors structure breaks through the traditional folding wardrobe door width which is limited witih 2000mm.

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Wall Cupbord In-Line System

Sliding Door - OPK Wall Cupbord In-Line System

Product Features:

  • Fantastic design: Overall surface is in the same level when door is closed,ereating elegance,nobility and harmony.
  • Load -bearing: High-strength alloys applied to fittings;Metal tracks and multi-roller combination;max weight 50kg/door.

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